Our Values:


noun: worth; utility; importance; precise significance; verb: to estimate worth of; to hold in respect and admiration; to prize

We equate the value of food to be the benefits of that food divided by the costs (including environmental and production costs). Buying the highest quality local foods might cost a bit more in dollars for an individual. As can be seen in the equation below, that expense is offset by financial savings in long-term health care, reduced environmental costs, and great returns in improved quality of life. If we look at the true cost of production and distribution, local and natural foods offer the highest overall return for each dollar we spend on food.


Value = Benefit / Cost

Value Proposition For Eating Well

  More satisfied palate. Fresh food tastes better and local food offers diverse varieties than are not part of conventional supermarket fare. We don’t want you to ever have to throw away any food you buy at Sweet Clover Market! Our freshness is guaranteed and we have abundant recommendations for tried and true menu options.
More nutritious. Food that is recently harvested retains a higher density of nutrients than food transported long distances. Certain methods of food production increase the health benefits of food. For example, grass fed beef is high in Omega-3 fatty acids.
Increased food safety. We know where food is grown and how it is processed to insure the safest product available. We research the claims made ON the package so we can assure you of what is IN the package.
More participation in our local economy. Buying local and organic foods sustains family farms and their stewardship of the environment. We build relationships by talking about all kinds of experiences with each other at a community market.

VALUE = -------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Reduced health costs. Dollar for dollar, disease prevention is far more effective than treatment. Sweet Clover Market makes it convenient to adhere to a special diet with abundant information and products in one shopping location.
Reduced costs in natural capital. We seek out local and organic food that minimizes environmental costs to our soils, water, and air. We rely less on fuel to transport our food from farm to table, reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
Greater insurance for future food production. Our investment in a stable local food system today insures that we will maintain family farms and local food supply for years to come, reducing dependence on the activities and fate of a few large food conglomerates.

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