Product Standards

At Sweet Clover Market we recognize that our economic life grows out of trading relationships. We aim to restore local trading relationships by creating a business where offering local goods are a priority. As a result, we do carry products that are not certified organic, and we go to great lengths to provide as much information as possible about how, where, and when food is grown and processed. We are able to provide extensive information about local producers we know and trust, and so our aim is to carry as many local, natural products as possible.

Our buying priorities put local first. When a product cannot be found locally, we will use regional and national sources until a local source can be found or replenished. We'll also carry the most popular national brands our customers are accustomed to.

1. LOCAL - Organic, Natural and Carefully Managed Conventional Products
2. REGIONAL - Organic and Natural Products
3. NATIONAL - Organic and Natural Products

We evaluate each and every product we sell at Sweet Clover Market. For products that are only available from regional or national sources, many of us read labels to find information about ingredients and processing. The staff at Sweet Clover Market contact food producers periodically to inquire about special claims made on their labels. Essentially, we want to know about what is going on behind the label. For example, we want to know how a gluten-free bakery ensures that their products are not contaminated with wheat. We keep an eye on up-to-date information about sustainable fisheries to offer seafood choices that are healthy to eat and healthy for the oceans. We strive to make this information readily available to you so you can be comfortable and confident with your choice of food products.

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