Try our creamee menu! Available inside the store all year long, or through the creamee window during the summer! For the winter, we have vanilla all of the time, and we rotate chocolate/coffee and maple through as the second flavor. During the summer, we have vanilla, chocolate, maple and coffee. We use mix with 10% butterfat from Kingdom Creamery in East Hardwick, Vermont. Super creamy, dense and delicious!




What's local? We take great joy in sourcing as many local products as we can to meet your everyday grocery needs. Click here to see a partial list of products grown locally and available for purchase at Sweet Clover Market.

Here is a list of the kinds of products we carry at the store:

Fresh produce, bulk products including spices, dairy, cut-to-order natural deli meats and local meats and cheeses, dry grocery goods, frozen goods, personal care items, wine and beer, limited vitamins, a small selection of supplements, and household items.

We are committed to buying high-quality natural products made as close to Essex, Vermont as possible though we also carry an assortment of popular and innovative regional and national brands. Foods for the family and for those with special dietary preferences, i.e. gluten-free, are also highlighted.


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