Thank you for your interest in working at Sweet Clover Market! We genuinely care about creating and maintaining a work environment where everyone feels supported in our professional and personal lives. Working with us means becoming your neighborhood grocer; helping friendly customers find the products they seek in their effort to find good food throughout our entire community. We want folks to buy their food from a person, not a place; that means making lots of personal connections with our customers. And we have to hustle fast to get everything done! If this sounds like the kind of job you would enjoy, we look forward to meeting you!


SUMMER EMPLOYMENT: Fortunately, our store is busy all year long. Because of that, we prefer to hire people who can make a minimum one year commitment to working with us. Summer jobs are awesome, but our training just doesn't accomodate it. We can, however, accomodate students who attend local schools but havinghtem full time in the summer and part time during the school year. Thank you for your consideration and good luck at school!

As of April 21, 2017, we have the following positions at Sweet Clover Market available:

Deli Associate (One part-time position 24- 32 hours per week, evenings and weekends required)

Jane / Jack of all Trades (One part time position, 16 - 40 hours per week, evenings, weekends)

DELI ASSOCIATE, 24 - 32 hours per week
Delight our customers during the evening rush hour with your suggestions for dinner from our deli and meat departments.  Job duties include selling meat and deli products from a service case with your great sales techniques, using a slicer, chopping veggies, making sandwiches and salads, grinding meat and keeping the place clean and organized.  Selling creamees, making milkshakes, sundaes and more for the summer crowd is also part of the fun! Experience working in a professional kitchen is strongly preferred.  Strong customer service skills and sales skills required.  Our deli associates also do occasionall dishwasher shifts to help out. The pay is $10 - $12 per hour or commensurate with your experience.   Read the official job description here.

Shifts are generally 8a to 1p, 8a to 4p, 2p to 10p, or 3p to 8:30p.

JANE / JACK OF ALL TRADES, 24 - 40 hours per week
A great job for the person who loves variety at work! The Jane/Jack of All Trades position fills empty shifts of entry-level jobs in every department at Sweet Clover Market such as Deli Associate, Customer Care Associate (cashier), Produce Associate, Prep Cook and Dishwasher. Training is extensive. Generally shifts are scheduled in advance to cover vacations and staff turnover, however, you will be scheduled for on-call days and compensated both for just being on call as well as the actual hours you work if you are "activated". There is a minimum 16 hours per week of regularly scheduled shifts, then we add another 1 to 3 shifts based on need throughout the store. Shifts start no earlier than 7:30a and end no later than 10pm. Daytimes, weekends and weekday evenings are absolutely required. A minimum one year commitment is required. Please describe in your cover letter how the schedule for this position works well with your other commitments.

HOW TO APPLY: Think one of these jobs is a good match for you?  Email me at heather [at] sweetclovermarket [dot] com or snail mail to PO Box 9003 Essex VT 05451 or fax to 802-872-7811, though email is preferred.  PLEASE PLACE THE JOB TITLE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR IN THE SUBJECT LINE. If you don’t receive an email confirmation from me in a few days, please call me to verify that I received your email.  Thank you so much for your interest in working with us here at Sweet Clover Market!

** are long-term, not temporary or summer positions
** require successful applicants be 18 years of age or older.
** require successful applicants to be able to lift 50 pounds frequently and independently
** require a personal passion for natural foods and a friendly, positive demeanor
** require successful applicants be available to work evenings and at least one weekend day, every week.
** receive benefits including 20% discount on all store purchases, wellness care cost reimbursement and vacation/sick days.
** have the same schedule every week (except for the Jane/Jack positions)
** excellent attention to detail and knowledge about food safety regulations are required. 

** A predictable weekly schedule (except for Jane/Jacks)
** 20% discount on all purchases at the store
** Reimbursement for wellness costs
** Paid vacation and sick days...and more!


Thank you again for your interest in working at Sweet Clover Market!
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